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Of the offers we had, the Perspective Financial Group offer wasn’t the largest. But accepting the largest offer would have meant accepting the acquirer ‘imposing their ways’ and that would not have been right for the business or our advisers.

The Perspective ethos of autonomy enables us to continue running the business as we always have whilst benefiting from the flexibility and security of being part of a nationwide organisation.
Ian Wilkinson, Managing Director, Perspective (North East) Ltd

We certainly see our move beneath the Perspective umbrella as a fantastic opportunity to deliver not just financial stability to the firm but to also ensure we have the best support available as we move towards RDR-readiness. The degree of autonomy afforded to us by Perspective also ensures we are in control of our own destiny but backed by a quality organisation that can help us meet all our goals and ambitions in the months and years ahead.
Tony Apps, Managing Director, Perspective (South West) Ltd

By selling to Perspective you join a terrific team.
Even though it is a national organisation, you very much become a large cog in a small wheel.
A forward thinking company with great strategies that all principals participate in.
Anybody wishing to sell their business but would like to stay in the Industry should make Perspective their first choice.
John Kearney, Managing Director, Perspective (East Anglia) Ltd

The first impression we formed was that we were dealing with a company who intended to do business in a compliant way and to treat our clients with respect and care. They treated my partners and I, and our staff, with courtesy and respect. After an examination of the various components of the client base, they made a straightforward offer to buy the business and take on the existing staff. They promised a training program which commenced straight-away and was very supportive in developing staff. In summary, they created an impression of honesty, compliance and ambition to build a successful company.
Director, Perspective (Home Counties) Ltd

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