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Trump’s trade wars - Hard Brexit demonstration potential?
What a week of drama and upset! For all the drama in the football, the political and global economic side were even more dramatic – at least from an investment managers’ point of view.

As good as it gets? Investment strategy update
The past week was incredibly busy at Tatton’s headquarters in the heart of the City of London. It was investment committee week during which we look at many, many macroeconomic and capital market charts and discuss for many hours to determine whether we should adjust our investment strategy to the changed environment.

UK a buying opportunity?
Regular readers may be surprised to learn that, within our investment team, we’re starting to become more optimistic on UK equities. The fact that we’re saying this after a week in which the British government has been engulfed in Brexit turmoil will be even more of a surprise.

Always keep your eye on the curve
We have written about the ‘yield curve’ a number of times on these pages and its use as an economic indicator. We have also written about the new economic environment we and the world are entering: the very real likelihood of a US vs the rest of the world trade war, the certainty of new UK and the rest of the world trading environment. We like to keep an eye on the yield curve and sometimes both, because it matters.

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