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Political strongman tactics come home to roost
This week continued in decidedly risk-off mood in global stock markets, as concerns spread that Turkey’s currency tail spin could spread to all emerging markets and cause considerable damage to the Eurozone’s banking sector as well.

Turkey: Will Europe’s sick man infect others?
Turkey’s ailing economy has been one of the main emerging market stories this year. While 2018 has been hard for all emerging markets (EMs), few countries have received as little love from investors as Turkey. This can clearly be seen in currency markets, where the Turkish lira has had a torrid time. As recently as April, $1 could buy you TL4.00. Now it fetches more than TL6.00. Year to date, it’s the world’s worst performing currency.

UK stock markets’ post Brexit prospects
The summer’s heat wave revealed the evidence of our history in the parched fields of Old England. The activities of the ancient Britons, Romans and Anglo-Saxon invaders have all left their mark on the land. It took a lot of hot air to reveal the foundations of Britain, and in a political summer dominated by Brexit bluffs, it’s wo

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