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Earnings are growing, why of worry?
Chris Swanepoel, our estimable head of AIM investments, says that he doesn’t know anybody who has stopped doing their weekly shopping because of Brexit or Donald Trump. His job is to invest in companies and a lot of them are doing better than OK.

A technical view: are markets about to go risk on?
It’s been a funny year so far, swinging from extreme optimism at the start of 2018 to the other end of the spectrum, making markets jittery and increasingly sensitive to shocks.

The Next Crisis?
Three of the “Great Financial Crisis” rescue crew held a press conference this week to discuss what the world had learnt and has yet to learn since then. Former Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke, former New York Fed chair Timothy Geithner and former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (during George W. Bush’s presidency) gathered in Washington DC to voice their concerns about the US’ ability to deal with another financial meltdown.

Big Trouble in (not so) Little China
It’s been a tough year for China’s economy. Years of credit-intensive growth have left the government in Beijing with a huge debt pile – much of it off the books from shadow banking. The deleveraging process is currently in full swing, as the government cracks down on the shadow banking sector. As we have written before, this process is proving painful, as recent underwhelming data have shown.

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