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Digesting or consolidating?
A lot of digesting of changed realities seemed to be going on over the course of the week, and that is even before we start to talk football – which for obvious reasons I will refrain from!

Emerging Markets: US$ and China dragging the pack down
Emerging market (EM) investments have been under strain recently. Wednesday delivered a fresh blow, as both EM currencies and equities took a dive, seemingly prompted by fears over trade tensions with the US. Every EM currency tracked on Bloomberg screens was down, while shares extended a three-day drop to 3.6%.

Businesses finding their voice
In rare concerted action, businesses and trade unions have started pressuring the government for Brexit assurances this week. The CBI and the TUC – combining with their European counterparts BusinessEurope and ETUC – released a joint statement on Wednesday calling for “pace and urgency in the negotiations” and “measurable progress”.

Corporate earnings growth vs trade concerns
With plenty of macro-economic clouds on the horizon, from uncertainties over future trade frameworks to slowing economic growth in China and emerging markets, it is worth having a look

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