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“Not the end of the world”
But not a walk in the park either. (Theresa May, Tue 28 August 2018) That’s how the Prime Minister described the prospect of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.
After a summer of dithering, does this mean the UK’s government is back to “Brexit means Brexit” and that’s how it will be next March – seven months from now?

UK: Good news is bad news is good news
For once, there was a double dose of Brexit positivity this week. Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab told Parliament that he was confident a deal with the EU is “within our sights” as he heads back to Brussels for talks on Friday. Meanwhile, the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier said that the trading bloc wants to keep ties with the UK as close as possible, and that the UK could be offered an unprecedented partnership.

Italy scares again
The Italian question has been a recurring one in the Eurozone for years now. A stagnant economy, ailing banking system and (recently) populist government have made Italy the perennial crisis up ahead. In particular, political movements in the Eurozone’s third largest economy have a great power to cause investor panic for European assets.

Is economic strength behind the US equity market ‘melt-up’?
US stocks have hit new, or remain close to, all-time highs – and US indices are on-track for their best August since the dotcom peak. The question asked by investors is: what’s driving it, will stocks keep going up and can the US continue to outpace everyone else?

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