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Sandra Jarman began working in financial services back in 1997, returning to work after being at home with the children for ten years.  Back in 1997, compliance was very different to how it is now, the raised bar has certainly increased the reputation of seeking independent financial advice.

She has a CMI qualification in Management and has also completed a Financial Diploma. Although qualified to give advice, she is not registered to give advice and instead prefers the planning and maintenance of our procedures, policies and the research and analytical side of our business.

Sandra is the Operations Manager at PFGL, which encompasses wearing a lot of hats. Firstly, she manages the office including the processes and procedures that we have in place, including investment research for our clients who prefer a bespoke fund choice.  Secondly, Sandra is also a para-planner which involves preparing research, supporting advisers and also preparing suitability reports. She also manages our Group Schemes, including workplace pensions.

Sandra’s strengths lie with putting in place procedures and ensuring they are met. She focuses all staff on treating clients fairly which is the ethos of our office.

When she is not at work, Sandra likes to spend time with family and especially her two grandsons who give her such joy.  She also loves going to London theatres and enjoying the Chinese restaurants specialising in dim sum in Soho.   Her favourite films are Gladiator with Russell Crowe and L A Confidential.

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