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The Cambridge Weekly – 15 October 2018

Autopsy of a stock market sell-off Last week, we wondered why stock markets had not reacted more negatively to the latest upward wave of bond yields, when this had led to a formidable stock market correction back in February. As…

The Cambridge Weekly – 8 October 2018

Italy lives up to its reputation – again As Mark Twain (probably) didn’t say, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes”. Maybe so, but with certain news stories you can’t help but feel like you’ve heard this song before….

The Cambridge Weekly – 1 October 2018

End of an era for the Fed The era of unprecedented monetary easing has ended not with a bang but with a whimper. That is, in the US at least. Tariffs mitigation – the world’s reaction to America First As you would…

The Cambridge Weekly – 24 September 2018

UK economy defying Brexit gloom The UK economy is looking brighter after recent data. Following last week’s news that the quarterly growth rate was at its fastest pace in over a year (+0.6%), data this week showed that retail sales…

Tatton Weekly – 14 September 2018

Trade war or trade truce? According to reports this week, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has extended an invitation to the Chinese government for the resumption of trade negotiations. Officials in Beijing are now working on the details of a meeting…

Tatton Weekly – 7 September 2018

Brexit Fudge Sterling went for a ride on Wednesday. After concerns over the lack of Brexit progress turned investors sour on the currency in the morning, a report containing much needed good news precipitated an almost-immediate 1.2% jump against the…

Tatton Weekly – 31 August 2018

UK: Good news is bad news is good news For once, there was a double dose of Brexit positivity this week. Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab told Parliament that he was confident a deal with the EU is “within our sights”…

Tatton Weekly – 24 August 2018

Regional surprise Which region has surprised economists recently? Regular readers will know we look at Citi’s “surprise” indices for regional economy data, which measure how various aspects of the economy have lived up to economists’ expectations.* The chart below shows…

Tatton Weekly – 17 August 2018

Turkey: Will Europe’s sick man infect others? Turkey’s ailing economy has been one of the main emerging market stories this year. While 2018 has been hard for all emerging markets (EMs), few countries have received as little love from investors…

Tatton Weekly – 10 August 2018

No-deal Brexit? British media and currency markets were shaken this week by comments from UK trade minister Liam Fox over the potential for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. The “intransigence” of the Eurocrats in Brussels has left the chance of the UK…

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