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The Cambridge Weekly – 20th September 2021


End of the re‐opening honeymoon

We are halfway through September and investors have not experienced a continuation of the positive
returns picture of the summer months. This is despite COVID restrictions gradually lifting (not only in the
UK) and an on‐track economic recovery resulting in record numbers of jobs and demand outstripping
supply in many places. Investment portfolios are only marginally down for the month, and still sitting on
very healthy return cushions for the year so far. However, as noted in recent weeks, economic growth
momentum has hit a bit of an air pocket, and talk has died down about the imminent arrival of the ‘Roaring


Energy special: Why energy prices matter right now

Though policymakers have debated the dangers of climate change for decades, the pace of real change
has been historically slow. But many expect that pace to pick up considerably in the near future,
accelerated by growing political discontent and kicked into overdrive by the pandemic. Across the
developed world, governments and businesses are committing to a rapid reduction in emissions (nations
representing 70% of global emissions are committed to net‐zero by 2050 or 2060, according to the
International Energy Agency (IEA)).


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