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The Cambridge Weekly – 13th July 2020

Fast and freewheeling – markets move as economies slow As they have for most of the year, pandemic developments dominated the economic news flow last week. Though restrictions continue to ease here and in Europe, the virus is now spreading at…

The Cambridge Weekly – 6th July 2020

H1 2020 offers meaningful lessons So we begin the second half of 2020, leaving behind us two of the most extraordinary calendar quarters in history. But the difference in experience from an investment perspective versus the general public and most of the…

The Cambridge Weekly – 29th June 2020

Support balances increasing strains – for how long? The consolidation in stock markets continues. After a brief sell-off at the beginning of last week, capital markets staged a recovery to leave things almost unchanged from a week ago. All in…

The Cambridge Weekly – 22nd June 2020

A new normal After a wobble, capital markets have stabilised again. Global stock markets have not quite regained their previous highs, but seem to have found a level, trading sideways since last Tuesday. For onlookers though, risk asset prices probably look anything…

The Cambridge Weekly – 15th June 2020

Stock markets suffer altitude sickness Reading the news seems much more complicated these days. Our friend and old colleague, Rob Martorana, has lived and worked in New York all his life. An excellent portfolio manager and great thinker about investments, Rob has…

The Cambridge Weekly – 8th June 2020

Markets are enjoying an uncomfortably benign pandemic May 2020 will be remembered for many things. For most of the world, it was when lockdown measures began to ease and people filtered back out into the sunshine for the first time in…

The Cambridge Weekly – 1st June 2020

May ends with optimism and promises of more stimulus The stock market recovery that started on 23 March – and was widely regarded as little more than a soonto-falter bear market rally – consolidated further over the last week of…

The Cambridge Weekly – 26th May 2020

Big trouble in big China Over the past week, it felt as if the new normal of enforced idleness paired with less stringent lockdown rules and summer weather would lead to a happier mood across Western Europe, including the UK. The same…

The Cambridge Weekly – 18th May 2020

US-China Cold war: Threat or blessing? Halfway through May and stock markets have continued to deviate markedly from the classic bear market pattern described in “The anatomy of a bear market” in The Cambridge Weekly of 30 March (see graph on next…

The Cambridge Weekly – 11th May 2020

Phase II kick-off – from staying home to staying safe Last week was a short week for most regions. Friday’s VE day holiday here in the UK was labelled “Victory in Europe” in 1945 and marked the huge victory against the…

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