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Welcome to the Perspective Training Academy.

We created the Perspective Training Academy in 2014 to grow our next generation of employees who will share our client-centric and ethical approach which is firmly embedded within our business and also support our employees' growth and career aspirations.

Investing in our employees’ development to reach their full potential whilst creating a robust succession plan is very important to our business and its success. Our clients are accustomed to our industry leading expertise and trusted advice, and there is no better way to provide this in the future than through our home grown talent trained to the highest standards.

Our Academy differs from many of the those operated by our competitors. It isn’t classroom based and doesn’t focus on you simply passing the relevant exams to become diploma qualified over a period of six to nine months, at which point you are then expected to provide advice to clients. Instead, you will learn how to apply the knowledge you are gaining through your studies and in practice by working closely with one of our highly qualified Financial Planners. We expect you to spend a minimum of three years in this role.

In recognition of that fact that not everyone feels comfortable with having a financial target, once you become diploma qualified you will have three options:

  • Remain as a Paraplanner
  • Become an Financial Planner without a target
  • Become an Financial Planner with a target

We currently have 20 employees from Apprentice Administrator to Trainee Financial Planner enrolled in our Training Academy undertaking the necessary training and Professional Qualifications to support their development and reach their full potential.

So, come and join us and together we can shape our future with the Perspective Training Academy.

Professional Development

We will support you by funding your study and resources, whether you undertake a Finance Apprenticeship or Diploma in Financial Planning. In addition, we will develop your personal and technical skills, enhance your experience and provide you with a mentor for support and guidance.

What We Look For

Whilst your academic background is important, what matters to us most are your personal qualities: professionalism, passion, enthusiasm and a willingness to work and study hard to achieve your ambitions.

Apply Now To Our Training Academy

If you are interested in joining our Training Academy or would like more information please email Dan Stokoe, Head of Training Academy,








Ian Wilkinson                                                               Dan Stokoe
Chief Executive Officer                                               Head of Training Academy







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