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Some comments from our recently acquired colleagues

Alan Galloway, Founder and Managing Director of Galloway Whitfield (Life & Pensions) Ltd commented:

“I considered very carefully how best to ensure my clients continue to receive the highest quality of advice and service when the time was right for me to retire. In the end, it was a comfortable decision for my firm to become part of Perspective Financial Group, a view which has been reinforced by working closely with them during the pre and post acquisition process. The Group, management and staff all consistently share the highest professional standards and a genuine commitment to a quality of client service similar to my own. In addition, my clients are now benefitting from having access to a number of expert advisers within the Group.

My loyal colleague of 33 years, Julie Hunter, has now become a member of the Perspective team and is enjoying being part of the wider Group.”

Kathy Richards, Founder and Director of Investment Principles Ltd commented:

“I have known the senior team at Perspective for many years and have the greatest respect for their abilities and everything they have achieved over the last 10 years. The way the Perspective team handled the acquisition process has given me even greater reassurance that my clients are being very well looked after. Being part of a larger group means my clients are benefitting from continuity of advice and having access to a number of expert advisers within the Group.”

Peter Goodman from Goodman Financial Planning commented:

“It was always going to be a difficult and emotional decision to retire as we felt a strong sense of responsibility towards our clients who we have got to know well over many years.

However, having had a long standing professional relationship with Perspective’s office in Marlborough, I have seen at first hand their approach and know for certain our clients now benefit from the additional expertise and greater resources the Group offers. I have heard nothing but good reports about them from everyone I have spoken to.”

Peter Weston, Partner at Thornton Springer Financial Services LLP said:

“We got to know Perspective and its management team well through this process, and it is clear that both our clients and the business have benefitted from Perspective’s additional expertise and greater resources.

We continue to operate with the same team from the same premises, ensuring our combination of personal service, technology and competitive charging continues. We remain impressed with Perspective’s vision and are pleased to be their first London office.”

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