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Some comments from our recently acquired colleagues

Nigel Minay, Co-Founder and Director of Quantum Portfolio Management Ltd and now part of Perspective (North-West) Ltd:

March 2022: “During 2019 both I and my co-founder and Director, Kelvin Barlow, recognised there was no escaping the fact that we were fast approaching retirement. For us, the decision to retire was always going to be a difficult one. The specialist nature of our business meant that we felt a huge sense of responsibility for our clients and had mutually strong and emotional relationships with them all.

Not only did we wish to ensure the future protection of their longer-term financial interests, we also needed to be able to reassure them – and ourselves – that their very challenging demands would be understood, respected and accommodated within any ongoing professional relationship. In the course of our extensive search for the ‘right’ firm, the one which stood out was Perspective Financial Group Ltd.

During our initial discussions with Ian Wilkinson and his team it was evident we shared the same philosophy and client-centric approach to business. Having met, we felt comfortable with their values, professionalism and commitment to look after clients with as much care and attention to detail as we had, with the added value offered by a national group. This included being able to provide all the relevant resources and skill-sets needed, and being large enough to cope with future regulatory and succession issues.

As a result, in January 2021, we were delighted to be able to announce our acquisition by Perspective. We did have concerns about how the practicalities, such as merging computer systems and processes – and especially clients being happy with Perspective – would work ‘in the real world’. In practice, all our reservations proved to be totally unfounded. From the outset it became clear that Perspective has the knowledge and experience to implement an almost seamless transition.

A year on, we are very pleased that Perspective do what they say and have delivered what they promised for all our clients and ourselves, including payment in full of the first instalment of our agreed earn-out. From the outset everyone we have met at Perspective has come across as genuine and decent; something which has been borne out during both the pre- and post-acquisition process.

Most importantly, all our clients have appreciated the choice we made and all of them are very happy with the way in which the whole transfer has been handled – and especially the personal touch they have received. This is testimony to the professionalism of the whole Perspective team who have been a pleasure to work with. I would like to say a personal thank you to Thom Harrison for everything he has done over the last twelve months which has been exemplary and extremely professional.”

Phil Newton, Co-Founder and Director of Prolific Financial Services Ltd in Warrington and now part of Perspective (North West) Ltd commented:

September 2021: “As my business partner and I approached retirement, it was a huge challenge and responsibility to ensure that we made the right choices about the future of our company, for the sake of our clients and staff alike. We wanted the business to continue to prosper, our clients to have continuity and our staff to feel that they would continue to be a part of the next phase in the company’s development.

Our initial meetings with Ian and his team were very positive, as we clearly shared the same ethos. We saw them as very much like ourselves, a larger organisation obviously, but committed to building a client focused business. They also struck us as very genuine and decent people, a fact that has been confirmed throughout the process of acquisition and beyond.

Six months in, any initial concerns we might have had about merging computer systems and processes have been totally unfounded. It became very clear from the outset that Perspective has both the experience and knowledge to implement an almost seamless transition.

Most importantly though, our clients are very appreciative of the choice we have made and our staff are both happy, settled and excited for the opportunities that being part of a larger group presents to them. From our point of view, without a doubt, we believe we made the right decision.

If you are considering the next steps for your business, then I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending that you speak to Perspective.”

Paul Catling, Founder and Director of Bowman Financial Planning Ltd and now part of Perspective (Oxon) Ltd in Woodstock:

June 2021: “Finding the right future for the firm I had founded and led since 1993 was always going to be a challenge. What mattered to me most was to ensure my many loyal clients would continue to receive the highest quality financial planning advice for the long term, now Mother Nature has a habit of reminding me that I am not as young as I used to be! Perspective has proved to be an excellent partner who not only shares my values and levels of professional care, but is committed to remaining whole of market and delivering outstanding client service. My clients have been very pleased with how the transfer has been handled – that is a testament to the professionalism of the whole Perspective team. I am also impressed with how well they deliver on their promises of retaining a local feel which is important to many clients – this is a personable, friendly team which has been a pleasure to work with.”

Joe Hill, founder and Director of Independent Life & Pensions Group Ltd (ILPG) based in Corby and now renamed Perspective (Northants & Cambs) Ltd commented:

March 2021: “Having been a Shareholder, Director, Head of IT, Compliance and many other roles with ILPG over the last 23 years, the move to Perspective has been received exceedingly well by our clients, our staff and of course myself. This move has enabled the firm to have a real succession plan with the resources of a very well respected group with the ethical and professional values we have strived to provide since ILPG was formed in 1997.

I had many “Red Lines” with a sale of my shares and Perspective did not breach any of them. At all times, the process was a dialogue and a combining of shared objectives.

I can be very satisfied that the interests of all parties at the firm – Clients, Staff and myself, are really closely aligned and we are looking forward to a bright future with even better resources and more time focusing on what really matters – exceptional financial advice to our clients”.

Simon Atkinson and Neil White, founders and Directors of Atkinson White Partnership based in Darlington and now part of Perspective (North East) Ltd said:

January 2021: “For some considerable time, we had been considering the future of the firm we had built up since 2007, particularly about our 500 clients who are located across County Durham, Teesside and the wider northern counties, and our loyal, long serving staff based in Darlington. During our search one firm stood out – Perspective. It was rare to find a firm whose ethos and client-centric approach so closely aligned with our own.

On meeting with them we soon felt comfortable with their values, professionalism and commitment to look after clients with as much care and attention to detail as we have. Whilst they have the scale of a national group, meaning they are large enough to cope with the future regulatory and succession issues, they genuinely retain the feel of a local firm. One year on, we are very pleased that they ‘do what they say’ and have delivered what they promised for our clients, our staff and us. We feel fortunate to have left the business in very safe hands.”

Alan Galloway, founder and Managing Director of Galloway Whitfield (Life & Pensions) Ltd in Newcastle upon Tyne and now part of Perspective (North East) Ltd commented:

May 2021: “My final installment was received from you yesterday.  Your dealings throughout the last two years have not only been exemplary but also honourable, which were as I expected.  I can now relax knowing my clients and friends are in good hands and my decision to merge with the Perspective was the correct one. My best wishes for the continued success of the Group.”

May 2019: “I considered very carefully how best to ensure my clients continue to receive the highest quality of advice and service when the time was right for me to retire. In the end, it was a comfortable decision for my firm to become part of Perspective, a view which has been reinforced by working closely with them during the pre and post acquisition process. The Group, management and staff all consistently share the highest professional standards and a genuine commitment to a quality of client service similar to my own. In addition, my clients are now benefiting from having access to a number of expert advisers within the Group.

My loyal colleague of 33 years, Julie Hunter, has now become a member of the Perspective team and is enjoying being part of the wider Group.”

Brian Hill, founder and Managing Director of Jones Hill Ltd based in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire and now part of Perspective (South West) Ltd in Marlborough commented:

October 2019: “After 15 years in financial planning, I felt it was the right time to seek new challenges.  Although there were quite a number of interested firms, it was clear early on that Perspective’s tried and tested approach would help secure our clients’ financial planning needs and provide a stepping-stone for Jones Hill staff.   

It is testament to a shared ethos that we have completed the entire process during the first Covid-19 lockdown and subsequent turbulent market conditions.  

I am delighted that all members of Jones Hill staff have been retained with two of them immediately joining Perspective’s highly respected in-house Training Academy. I’m sure they will continue to develop through working towards advanced financial planning qualifications under the guidance of experienced advisers who provide excellent ‘on the job’ training and support. 

I wish the team at Perspective every success.”  

Kathy Richards, founder and Director of Investment Principles Ltd based on the Wirral, now part of Perspective (West) Ltd in Oswestry, commented:

May 2021: “I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to notice that the final installment (in full, of my agreed earn out) had been paid into my bank account almost a week ago. This merger (two years ago) has been very successful in my opinion so thank you for staying the course with me in the early stages. I would like to say a personal thank you to Julie (Hepworth).  I understand you are very busy with further acquisitions so I wish you every success for the future.”

May 2019: “I have known the senior team at Perspective for many years and have the greatest respect for their abilities and everything they have achieved over the last 10 years. The way the Perspective team handled the acquisition process has given me even greater reassurance that my clients are being very well looked after. Being part of a larger group means my clients are benefitting from continuity of advice and having access to a number of expert advisers within the Group.”

Peter Goodman founder of Goodman Financial Planning in Marlborough, Wiltshire and now part of Perspective (South West) Ltd also in Marlborough commented:

September 2019: “It was always going to be a difficult and emotional decision to retire as we felt a strong sense of responsibility towards our clients who we have got to know well over many years.

However, having had a long standing professional relationship with Perspective’s office in Marlborough, I have seen at first hand their approach and know for certain our clients now benefit from the additional expertise and greater resources the Group offers. I have heard nothing but good reports about them from everyone I have spoken to.”

Peter Weston, Partner at Thornton Springer Financial Services LLP based in Upper Norwood, South London, now renamed Perspective (Thornton Springer) Ltd said:

January 2019: “We got to know Perspective and its management team well through this process, and it is clear that both our clients and the business have benefitted from Perspective’s additional expertise and greater resources.

We continue to operate with the same team from the same premises, ensuring our combination of personal service, technology and competitive charging continues. We remain impressed with Perspective’s vision and are pleased to be their first London office.”

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