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You have left the pages of Secure On-Line Client Portal. If you would like more information about which areas of Perspective's website contain regulated content and about these notifications, please click here.

Our Secure On-Line Client Portal is easy to use and will help protect your data and communications from cyber-attacks. Hence, we strongly encourage you to use it. The client portal enables you to review your financial information on-line and at any time.

To register you will need to: provide the email address you use to communicate with us, answer some security questions and set a strong password. It’s simple and there is lots of guidance available on the portal itself.

The client portal is also available as a 'progressive web app' which uses the web to give an app-like experience, meaning you can use it on smart phones (both iphones and Android) and tablets. Follow the steps below to install this on your devices.

The Secure On-Line Client Portal and App enables you to:

  • Store your financial information all in one place securely and on-line – your financial documents are held in the secure online vault which is automatically backed-up
  • View your financial information in real time (subject to provider update frequency)
  • Link your other financial activity to the portal eg bank accounts through Open Banking
  • Send, receive and sign documents to and from us such as your annual review
  • Access the portal from any device with an internet connection including a laptop or desktop
  • Access it on an iphone/Android/ipad/tablet by installing a progressive web App (note: not available via the App Store or similar)
  • Message us securely as an alternative to email and post – all communications made via the portal are fully encrypted

Our offices all have a specific link to the Secure On-line Client Portal. You can use this to register as a new user, or login if you are an existing use. There is lots of guidance available on-line and the process only takes a few moments.

Please ensure you use the correct link for your office from the table below and contact them if you experience any difficulties.

Perspective (East Anglia) Ltd

Perspective (Home Counties) Ltd

Perspective (Midlands & Cheshire) Ltd
Newcastle under Lyme

Perspective (North) Ltd

Perspective (Northants & Cambs) Ltd

Perspective (North East) Ltd
Darlington, Newcastle upon Tyne

Perspective (North West) Ltd
Chorley, Warrington

Perspective (Oxon) Ltd

Perspective (Ramsey) 
Locations: Cambridge

Perspective (South) Ltd
Milton Keynes

Perspective (South East) Ltd
Canterbury, Eastbourne, Maidstone

Perspective (South West) Ltd
Locations: Marlborough

Perspective (Thornton Springer) Ltd
Locations: London

Perspective (Warwickshire)

Perspective (West) Ltd


Installing the progressive web App on an iphone/Android or ipad/tablet

  1. Open the browser (eg Safari/Chrome) on your device
  2. Type in the correct website address for the portal from the list above
  3. Select ‘Get the App’
  4. Follow the instructions – these vary by device and operating system but are usually simple and intuitive
  5. Click the logo on your home screen to access your client portal

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