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Your Firm’s Future

First and foremost, Perspective is a client centric financial planning and wealth management firm that places great value in building strong relationships with our individual, corporate and trustee clients.

We believe it is a privilege to help clients achieve their goals, often across multiple generations and working with other professionals to truly understand a client’s circumstances and objectives.

Because of this, we grow organically through recommendations from our existing clients and professional connections. However, we also grow through acquiring likeminded firms that share our client centric values, high service standards and regulatory rigour that are looking for a proven and trusted home for their clients.

Our Acquisition Experience

Our unrivalled knowledge and experience of acquisitions comes from acquiring and successfully integrating over 50 businesses since 2008 and having discussions with hundreds more over the last decade and a half. From acquiring IFAs who are looking to retire and wish to have peace of mind knowing their clients will be well looked after, to helping the estates of recently deceased IFAs, and  acquiring larger firms with several financial planners across a number of offices, we utilise our extensive expertise to benefit all involved parties – the vendors, their clients and staff alike.

Our core value of ‘clients come first, we come second’ is central to our acquisition philosophy and integration process. We are platform agnostic and never shoehorn a client onto a platform or into a centralised investment proposition. We are regarded within the financial planning and wealth management sector as the ‘acquirer of choice’ for firms and advisers who are truly client centric, and for whom having a strong personal conviction and confidence that becoming part of Perspective will match, and indeed enhance, their established client centric values.

We are also known for realistic, fair and equitable business valuations and treating all opportunities with absolute confidentiality and sensitivity.

Are you looking to sell your business? Are you a retiring IFA or financial planner? Do you want to grow by being able to focus exclusively on clients again?

Whether you are a retiring IFA, looking to leave your firm and clients in safe hands, or an owner wanting to merge with and work for a larger financial planning firm that can take on some of the commercial and regulatory elements of running a successful financial planning business, we welcome approaches from firms and individuals who share our client-centric values.

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