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Thinking about the future of your IFA firm?

If you are looking for the best home for the client bank you have built up over many years so you can retire or do something else; or wondering if there is a better way to manage your business so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy most - delivering an excellent service to your clients...

...then you should talk to us.

Reasons to talk to Perspective

  • Vast experience: we have held discussions with hundreds of IFA firms over many years and know the sector inside out. We use this expertise and knowledge to assess what will work successfully for you and for us
  • Reputation as the ‘acquirer of choice’ for IFA’s looking to retire and exit the industry. Our flexible approach means we can create a mutually beneficial deal structure and timetable. We:
    • have a clear, proven step-by-step process
    • are reliable: we keep our word
    • pride ourselves on delivering a client-centric, ethical approach: your clients will be looked after to the same standard that you have done for many years
  • Innovative deal structures: as well as being the consolidator of choice for retiring IFA’s where we pay up to 50% up front and pay the remaining consideration within two years, we have developed a second alternative option which enables the vendor to take some cash off the table to reflect their efforts to date, whilst retaining a significant notional stake which will be cashed when they decide to retire and trigger the second earn out. Attractive to those vendors who aren’t quite ready to “hang up their pen” and, with our assistance, wish to grow their business further. The multiple applied to the second earn out is the same as the first. The beauty of this option is the vendor has full flexibility on when they chose to retire in the future whilst also receiving cash up front and sharing in the upside on growth post deal.

Read on through the rest of this section to find out more about how we can help you achieve your long term plan or for an informal discussion contact Sam Smith, Group Acquisitions Director at or 07786 294711.

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