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Cambridge Weekly Update – 4th November 2019

Crucial October period safely behind October has ended: time to take stock of market and portfolio returns. In general, stock markets nudged up further while government bond yields recovered, eroding some of bonds’ earlier valuation gains. For UK investors however,…

Cambridge Weekly Update – 28th October 2019

Slowly turning Another week, another Brexit delay. EU leaders have decided to wait until after the election vote next week before saying how long may be acceptable for another delay. Despite some tough words from France, it seems unlikely they will be…

Cambridge Weekly Update – 14th October 2019

Atmospheric improvements It is quite incredible how much market sentiment can swing at the moment on the back of ‘atmospheric’ changes in the political debate. Only last week, we wrote how the political news-flow did not contribute positively to the…

Cambridge Weekly Update – 7th October 2019

Stall speed economy fears spreading Once again, politics took our breath away during this first week of October. Donald Trump appeared to live-stream ever more evidence for his own impeachment, while the UK’s Boris Johnson ricocheted in his Brexit language…

Cambridge Weekly Update – 30th September 2019

  Ominous US-Dollar strength The unprecedented events unfolding in UK politics this week will have distracted many UK investors from developments in the wider world. But those global developments may well carry far greater significance for near-term return developments than the…

Cambridge Weekly Update – 24th September 2019

Diverging economic trends – catalyst for trade war resolution? We know from conversations with some of our portfolio investors and financial advisers that the investing UK public is currently almost entirely focused on every twist and turn of the Brexit drama. However,…

Cambridge Weekly Update – 16th September 2019

Market sentiment rebound Last week, we wrote that equity markets would need to see an improvement in global economic growth if they were to move higher. So, it was typical commentator’s curse that this week saw a rise in equities all over…

Cambridge Weekly Update – 9th September 2019

Choppy water but no storm, yet The week has, yet again, felt tumultuous. The government’s Brexit strategy has been halted in its tracks by a miscalculation of the official opposition and internal Conservative Party opposition. Many commentators were also confounded, and we…

Cambridge Weekly Update – 2nd September 2019

Fattening ‘tails’ It does not happen often that market-moving news emerges after we have finished writing The Cambridge Weekly. Last week proved to be an exception. Having just commented on how politics and the prospect of fiscal easing by US…

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