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The Cambridge Weekly – 30th March 2020

Extraordinary: bear and bull market all in one month It is the era of superlatives, the most frequent being “unprecedented”. The term is unavoidable and, I suspect, carries a level of unease only comparable to what many of our grandparents must…

The Cambridge Weekly – 23rd March 2020

Government ordered recession Just like the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus itself, the rate of policy change over the last few weeks has been astounding. A week ago, Boris Johnson and co. were content to isolate the sick, have the public wash…

The Cambridge Weekly – 16th March 2020

Notes on a crash: the short, medium and long term Last week will remain in the memories of the investment community for a very long time. Because of the extremely rapid fall from the all-time high that global markets had reached…

Cambridge Weekly Update – 26th February 2020

COVID-19 and the reaction of markets to pandemic fears Global equity markets have taken a significant hit this week, as investors started to take news of COVID19 spreading beyond China to the rest of the world more seriously. We thought…

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