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The Cambridge Weekly – 19 November


19th November 2018



Keep calm and carry on
It has undeniably been the most unnerving week in UK politics since the week following the Brexit referendum, when the British electorate unexpectedly rejected the EU status quo. Representatives of both sides have finally agreed on a withdrawal agreement that lays out how to achieve a least disruptive Brexit as possible, that doesn’t throw both sides into economic turmoil. And it’s sent both ends of the UK’s Brexit spectrum screaming in disgust.

Oil rollercoaster (again) or price ‘reset’
Since the Q1 2016 lows of the oil price in the $30/bbl range the price oil seemed to know only one direction and that was up. However, when the oil price for Brent hit $85/bbl in early October, we wrote here (19 October) that we were sceptical that the oil price might – as suggested by some – climb further towards $100/bbl. Sure enough, since then we have seen a full reversal of the previous uptrend, with oil plunging continuously.

Apple’s waning allure and the pressures in the global tech sector
66 days. That’s how long Apple’s market value of remained over $1 trillion, with a high of $1.12 trillion on 3 September.

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