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Join us at Social Return’s ‘Conference with a difference’

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27th April 2023

Perspective Conference Re-drawing identity.

The conference with a difference…  

Social Return Case Management provides case management for clients with a wide variety of complex conditions.

They provide comprehensive case management or specific short-term assessment and coordination for a wide range of complex conditions across the age range, including: 

  • Brain injury 
  • Spinal cord injury 
  • Cerebral palsy 
  • Complex multiple-condition presentations 
  • Serious life changing orthopaedic injury 
  • Prolonged disorders of consciousness ​(VS and MCS) 

They carry out comprehensive assessment to gain a full understanding of each of client’s past, present, potential and aspirations for their future.  

Detailed analysis, collaborative goal setting and planning leads into a responsive service which supports, coordinates and develops the plan for each client, working with families, services and suppliers toward meaningful and sustainable outcomes, demonstrated by clear robust reporting and feedback. 

Social Return will be hosting an insightful and inspiring conference called, ‘Redrawing Identity.’  

They will explore what happens when one’s identity is abruptly interrupted by a catastrophic event which is life-altering. This can be a challenge to overcome physically and mentally whether through pain, trauma, loss of function, severe psychological distress, or in the case of acquired brain injury, damage to the very mechanisms which generate the sense of self in the first place. 

The fundamental tension embedded in the challenge to identify that a catastrophic event can bring, and the desire to move forward without losing the sense of self, will be explored through our presenters who will highlight collaborative practices, new approaches, experiential learning and opportunities for change. 

We are excited to be the headline sponsor for this fantastic and insightful conference, Redrawing Identity. Our Financial Planner, Thom Harrison will be discussing the role of the financial planner supporting decisions, considering the client’s ‘wants and needs’ which often change over time and looks at how the client’s sense of personal identity can shape how money is used to promote happiness now and in the future. 

If you would like to join us at the conference you can book online here.

Download the information pack here