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The Cambridge Weekly – 24th July 2023


24th July 2023


Perspective News, The Cambridge Weekly

The Cambridge Weekly – 24th July 2023

Another inflation driver turns over

Last week’s markets have, yet again, revolved around inflation, wages and profit margins. In the UK, we finally got a little of the good news that has been stoking US markets. Inflation wise, June turns out to have been not so bad. Inflation data showed a notable slowing while retail sales were perky, possibly because we were all ‘pinky’ from the hot weather.

Chinese property developers are on their own

Last week, Chinese media carried stories of new policy action. On Wednesday, there were rumours of mortgage rate changes and property-focused efforts, but the policies were deemed to be small. and had little impact on markets. Indeed though the week, many property developer bonds plumbed new price lows for the year. Broad stock markets bounced on Friday but that was on news of policy support for electric vehicles, another recently beaten-up sector.

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