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Retirement planning can be considered in two stages:

The first being the build up of sufficient assets in various forms before retirement, which is all about forward planning pre retirement – the investment stage.

The second is assessing the most suitable options, at retirement, for arranging these assets to provide suitable capital and income security during retirement – the disinvestment stage.

However both are linked and as retirement approaches it is imperative to review the pre – retirement investments in conjunction with the retirement income objectives, as this may influence investment decisions, especially in the final few years. Our Portfolio Management Service offers a ‘glide path’ to retirement for pension money which reduces the risk of the portfolio as you approach retirement.

We can help with:

  • Pre retirement/investment – Providing suitable tax efficient saving strategies to assist clients build up sufficient assets to provide a comfortable retirement, taking into consideration affordability and attitude to risk.
  • At retirement/disinvestment – Guiding clients through the plethora of options available, and deciding which strategy best suits their personal circumstances taking into consideration inflation, taxation, attitude to risk, health, and any requirement for dependants benefits.
  • Utilising cash flow forecasting to establish whether the client is likely to have sufficient capital to last them throughout their retirement.
  • Considering the possibility of receiving an income from their pension fund whilst continuing to work.

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