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Cambridge Weekly – 7th September 2020

Market dynamic of a K-shaped recovery Markets’ summer holidays are over. Throughout August, risk assets made some impressive gains, while the global economy remained in its deepest ever recession. After equities were then catapulted to eye-watering valuation levels, the end of last…

Cambridge Weekly – 1st September 2020

Big tech gets bigger while the Fed takes the easy option In a week where Donald Trump kicked off his re-election campaign in earnest, global investors showed it is indeed “America first”. US equities continue to push at all-time highs,…

Cambridge Weekly – 24th August 2020

Fed leaves bond investors with that sinking feeling Capital markets were mostly steady – if a bit on edge – last week, as they have been for most of August. At least the US maintained positivity, although the extent of…

Don’t forget the new Tax Year changes

This is a brief summary of the main changes in the 2020/21 tax year to allowances for investments and savings, pensions, Inheritance tax, income tax and other taxes. Given the impact of Covid-19, it can easy to forget that…

Cambridge Weekly 17th August 2020

COVID II the sequel – as scary as the original? The pleasures, and then increasing discomfort, of the UK’s unusually broiling August weather offered a welcome distraction from the seemingly never ending COVID news flow of gloominess. As the heatwave…

Cambridge Weekly 10th August 2020

Living with COVID- settling into an interim ‘new normal’ Compared to the rest of 2020, July proved almost uneventful as global capital markets consolidated strong gains made during the previous quarter, with only emerging market equities and gold delivering notable advancements (see…

The Cambridge Weekly – 27th July 2020

PPE = Politics, Pressure and Economics In this delicate economic and financial environment, the world of politics can have a big impact on capital markets. Last week, we saw both heads of that political beast, with news stories first buoying and…

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