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Perspective (North West) Ltd Take on Born Survivor


3rd October 2023


Perspective News

Perspective (North West) Ltd raised £3,154 for the charity Derain House.

Well done to Vicki Wynne, Gary Wynne, Brandon Eccles, Tom Rothwell, Keelan McKabe, Paddy Iveson, Mickey Boyle-Prescott, James Cooper, Denise Greaves & Joe Lloyd who triumphantly completed the Born Survivor challenge on Saturday 16th September 2023. This was the first fundraising event Perspective (North West) Ltd have took part in and certainly won’t be the last. The day was well organised, all thanks to Vicki and the team at Derian House. The team of 10 raised a grand total of £3,154! They chose Derain House a charity which helps children and young people, whose lives are too short, to make happy memories in an environment of fun, respect and above all, outstanding care. They provide respite and end-of-life care to more than 400 children and young people across the North West, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

The team completed the course in 2 groups in just over 2 hours. They said the day was incredible and well organised thanks to Vicki and Derian House 

Vicki Wynne says: “Everyone involved with Derian House does an amazing job supporting the children and their families and we wanted to give something. I was so proud of the 44 fundraiser for Derian House. We were ‘The Green Army’ in our T-shirts. My favourite obstacle was The Blitz. This was the Wall, the very last obstacle. It took me 3 attempts to get up that wall but the sense of achievement in completing it was overwhelming.  My least favourite was the Para Plunge.  A 10 ft drop into deep muddy water.  I don’t like heights and I startled the volunteers with an embarrassing scream!” 

Brandon Eccles says“I probably didn’t fully know what I was getting myself in for but wanted to give it my best shot for this great cause. I really enjoyed the day! Onto the big day, despite the physical challenge on my body, I really enjoyed participating! The ‘Para Plunge’ was my favourite obstacle, walking off a platform and free falling into deep water was a unique experience! The Mincer was definitely the hardest for me, really makes you regret all the food & drink had over the past 12 months when trying to squeeze underneath massive car tyres!! Really enjoyed doing it for an incredible cause & the whole Derian House team were amazing and supportive (especially with the snacks & drinks beforehand). Felt very sore & bruised for a few days afterwards however I would definitely do it again next year if the opportunity came up!” 

James Cooper says: “I enjoyed it more than I thought I would (which was not at all!). My favourite obstacle was the Torpedo Slide. My least favourite was the mincer. I like to think I can mince with the best of them but I was just too tired by that stage! 

Mickey Boyle-Prescott says: The day was well organised 😊, all thanks to Vicki and the team at Derian House, I had good fun. I was happy with Derian House as my Nan has done work for them in the past and couldn’t speak highly enough of the staff and the work that they do! I decided to do the challenge, as I had been doing lots of running recently and wanted to test myself, I would say that it wasn’t as difficult as I expected overall, which was good! 

The best bit of the course was the monkey bars, and the big slide, the walls were a nightmare! But it was worth the sore legs the next day, I would 100% do it again and recommend anyone else who is considering to just go for it!