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Business Financial Planning

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Whatever the size of your business, its future may depend on how well prepared you are for unexpected events.

As a business owner or director, you know the direction of your business and where you want to get to. Developing effective business financial plans into this helps make the most out of your situation.

Within our Group we have specialist, expert business financial advisors who can help you with:

Protecting your business

If you think about your staff, shareholders, the skills and knowledge of your business and its inner workings that your key individuals have, what would you do if you unexpectedly lost them to illness or sudden death? Are they replaceable and at what cost to your business?

Preparing for the unexpected by having the correct insurances in place can help to protect your business. With experience in all manners of business financial planning, our specialists can help to create a safety net to protect your business in the event of ill health or death.

Enhancing recruitment and retention through attractive employee benefits

A suite of good employee benefits is essential for many employers striving to attract and retain talented employees in an increasingly tight labour market.

For employers who are new to these types of benefits, our business experts can help you maximise their appeal and effectiveness to drive better employee engagement and show your staff how they are valued.

For employers who already familiar with the advantages of a good employee benefits package, it is important to ensure these benefits continue to be fit for purpose and deliver value for money.

Managing workplace pensions efficiently

When did you last review your retirement provision for your staff?

  • Is it still appropriate?
  • Does it help attract the employees you want?
  • Have there been changes in legislation?
  • Has your business significantly changed in size or direction?
  • Are you making maximum use of legitimate ways to enhance your employees’ retirement provision at no extra cost to you?
  • Would you like the sometimes complicated issues regarding retirement provision explained in a clear and comprehensible way?

At Perspective Financial Group Ltd, our team of business financial advisors are highly experienced in workplace pensions, and can provide your business with a range of solutions that aim to provide your employees with tax-efficient retirement benefits.

Our business financial advisors at Perspective Financial Group Ltd will take the time to develop a full understanding of your business, working with your employees and business advisors to provide practical financial advice that is tailored to the needs of your business.

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